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We can provide spare parts for all our machines and more.

Accessories and spares for your induction sealer including: Cap inspection systems, spare sealing heads, stands and more.

Induction Sealers

Flomax Pumps

Filler Spares

Belts, knives, blowers, impellors, tensioners, motors and more.


FX seals, stub shafts, impellors, o-rings and more.

Replacement seals and can valves for Meyer, Crown & H & K Fillers.

Sonics Air Systems

Enercon Induction Sealer
Sonic Air Systems blower
Induction sealer
repairs & servicing

We can diagnose and repair your induction sealer for any faults and stock the necessary replacement parts be it heads or control boards to get you up and running with minimal downtime.

Prevention is the best cure and it is in this vein that we recommend having you induction sealer serviced every 6-12 months. 
We provide 1 year warranty on parts, and a free replacement unit to minimise downtime.



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