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In conjuction with our high quality suppliers, we can offer bottlers all the equipment they need to put together a world class microbrewery.
We can supply carbonators, semi-automatic fillers, cappers right up to complete bottling lines.


Beer bottle
Bottle Fillers

We are a proud member of the Independant Brewer's  Association.

The Moravek CW400 is an inline carbonator and semi automatic counter pressure bottle filling machine which can also be used for filling kegs.

The CW400 is widely used for small scale, low volume production of carbonated products such as beer, cider, hard cider, sparkling wines and carbonated soft drinks into a wide range of container sizes including glass bottles, PET bottles or cans. 


Features include:

  1. Wide range of bottle capacity sizes from 200ml to 2 litre

  2. Bottle size range = height 180mm to 340mm and  Ø140mm maximum diameter.

  3. Filling of  glass and PET bottles (when fitted with optional PET neck lift supports)

  4. Wide range of keg sizes 5, 20, 30 and 50 Litre can be filled with optional attachment

  5. Filling of carbonated and still products

  6. Capacity max. 400 LPH

  7. Approx 450-500 bottles per hour on 330ml


Also suitable for research and development uses. 

CW400 Inline Carbonator and filler


If the above is not the speed you require we also have full rotary fillers from CIME and Moravek. 6/6/1, 9/8/1 and a whole lot more.

Splatt PMR - Bottle/Can Labeller

Splatt Engineering in conjunction with PMR Labellers from Italy have teamed up to manufacture a small, professional and economical labeller for the craft brewer (and more!)


- Front and/or Full Wrap Labels
- Speeds of up to 3,500 bottles/cans per hour
- Label speed up to 40 mtrs/min (optional model 60 mtrs/min)
- Belt driven roll wall
- Variable speed drives

- Infeed spacer

- Single phase
- Optional conveyors

Introductory price $34,500 + GST

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