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The FLOMAX stainless steel centrifugal pumps are designed to suit a wide variety of application, primarily the food and beverage industries where years of experience and application have proved them a leader in their class.


All product contact surfaces are stainless steel.

Flomax centrifugal pump
Flomax centrifugal pump

Flomax pump build

These pumps are fitted with cast stainless steel impellors and external carbon ceramic mechanical seals to the American 3A standard.


The front cover is sealed with an EPDM 'O' ring and the front and rear covers are made in a one piece pressing to ensure a cavity free finish.

Flomax centrifugal pump

Scope of supply.

Our pumps are all from the highest quality Flomax range and we can service and sell all parts of the pump.


If you do have a project that requires something out of the ordinary with a pump, we can help there too.

Flomax Pump Information

Click the images below  to see the flow rate v head pressure graph to determine suitability for your requirements.
If your scope is outside these parameters, please contact us and we can size a suitable pump for your application.

Gripper rinser


Flomax .55kw Flow Curve

Gripper rinser


Flomax 1.1kw Flow Curve


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