Using our sources from Enercon, a world leader in Induction Sealing, we are able to meet all of your sealing requirements.
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Enercon induction seal
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Prevention is the best cure and it is in this vein that we recommend having your induction sealer serviced every 6-12 months.


We provide 1 year warranty on parts, and a free replacement unit to minimise downtime.

Otherwise known as cap sealing, induction sealing is a non contact method of heating a metallic disk to hermetically seal the cap of plastic or glass containers. The sealing process takes place after the container has been filled and capped.


Please watch the video below for more information from Enercon.


Enercon Ejector System

Enercon offers a multitude of performance enhancing accessories which can be purchased along with your cap sealer or retrofitted at a later date.


These can include:

  •  Sealing heads (available for hire)

  •  Cap inspection systems

  •  Flashing light indicators

  •  eJector™ and more!

SuperSeal Jnr.
Enercon SuperSeal Jnr

Enercon’s Super Seal Jr hand held induction sealer is portable, powerful and widely used in laboratory testing, small production levels and testing. 


The SS Jnr can seal everything from your smallest closure to 120mm.

Auto Jnr.
Enercon Auto Jnr

A great small sealing machine designed for customers who require a semi-automatic sealing process with low production volumes. 


The Auto Jr is compact and ideal for production environments where a bottle conveyor is not practical or required. A digital timer lets the operator know when the sealing process is completed.

SuperSeal 75 & 100
Enercon SuperSeal 100

Enercon's Super Seal Series cap sealers are the industry standard for air cooled sealing. 


These sealers the most popular choice of packagers looking for reliable performance and ease of operation. 


  • Compact and requires little floor space 

  • Meets the requirements of most applications 

  • Plug-in sealing heads 

SuperSeal Max
Enercon SuperSeal Max

This Sealer is the most powerful unit that comes out of Enercon. This unit is designed for customers with the most demanding applications. 


The Super Seal Max has production speeds in excess of 300 feet per minute. 

SuperSeal Touch
Enercon SuperSeal Touch

Improving upon Enercon’s industry leading Super Seal™ the SuperSeal touch is a tremendous achievement and a great breakthrough for the industry. 


New performance standards include:

  •  up to 20% more sealing power, 

  •  a 75% reduction in cap inspection
     set-up time 

  •  advanced touch screen interface 


Whether you have a small project you wish to seal or are on budget constraints we have the option of hiring one of our units.


From a day hire or up to 12 months, we can find a sloution to suit your sealing needs.

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