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Our carbonators we supply from Moravek are class leading and ensure consistency, head retention and smooth taste and feel in your product.


Key Benefits

The Moravek range of BC Inline Automatic  Carbonators offer the brewer a number of key benefits for their packaging operations in terms of production, but most important of all the consistent high final product quality of packaged beer it produces.

Smooth taste and feel

Smaller CO2 bubbles that result from efficient gas atomise carbonation gives beer, cider or wines a smooth natural carbonated finish.


This will ensure your customers will keep coming back for your product.

Beer Foam

Consistent carbonation

Set temperature and carbonating pressure ensure consistent carbonation levels are maintained at all times and product cannot be over carbonated. By Boyles laws of physics; this achieves a set product saturation point which makes over carbonation impossible with the BC system.

beer head

Greater head retention

Bottled beer from the same brew batch – glass on the right with Moravek’s BC gas atomise beer carbonation – glass on the left without.


Ozzbeco Brewery Nairobi

KenyaBeer type: Viennese Lager.

Moravek BC Inline Carbonators

The Moravek BC15/BC30 is a single column carbonator designed for inline pre carbonation of beer or Cider (as well as mineral water) prior to counterpressure filling.


Carbonation range 2g/litre to 10g/litre.

Output range per machine:

  • BC15 – 1,500LPH output

  • BC30 – 3,000LPH output

  • BC60 – 6,000LPH output



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