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If your objectives are to increase throughput, eliminate quality problems associated with other methods of drying/blow-off, or significantly reduce energy costs, Splatts in conjuction with Sonics Air Systems will engineer a solution.

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Sonic air knives

In the highly competitive market of canned & bottled beverages, product packaging aesthetics is almost as important as the quality of the beverage that is inside.


Splatt Engineering Group together with Sonic Engineered Blower & Air Knife Solutions are the standard of the industry in helping to ensure that today's ground breaking labeling and package technology is not compromised by water used in the packaging process.


For line speeds from 100 to 2000 CPM, Sonic guarantees that there will be no moisture related problems with sleeve labeling, paper or APL roll fed labeling, crown drying, safety sealing, stress corrosion, hygiene, ink jet coding, shrink wrapping or cardboard packing.

Sonics Blower information

Sonic Air Systems Blower

Sonics Blower specifications

• 100 to 3500 CFM

• 0.5 to 4.2 PSIG

• Vacuums to 8" Hg

• Temps to 400°F

• 3 to 50 Hp NEMA & IEC motors

Sonic Air Systems Blower enclosure

Sonics Blower enclosure specifications


 • Reduces blower noise to as low as 75dB    

• Accomodates all 70/85/100 &150 blowers    

• Stainless Steel Construction    

• 10 micron filtration    

• Filter Change Indicator Gauge   

Air knives system specifications

Sonic Air Systems air knives

• 14 x Energy savings vs. Compressed air

• For product sizes from 1" to 100"

• For product speeds from 1 to 5000 FPM 

• Air cleanliness of 10, 0.3 or 0.1 micron

• Aluminum or stainless air knives

• Most systems shipped in 5 days or less

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