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Depending on the workload & bottling environment, we recommend a 6 or 12 months service & check on your unit to ensure continuous hassle free sealing.


Service information

When one of your machines fails either prior to production or during a production run, this can cause many headaches for the business such as loss of production & staff downtime - which ultimately effects the companies bottom line.


One of the best things you can do to minimize this risk is to have your unit regularly serviced.

No downtime.

The biggest reasons for companies to not get their unit serviced is the fear of downtime: not having your unit and not being able to run the production line regularly.


When booking your unit in for service we offer a courtesy unit FREE OF CHARGE* to be sent to your site that will eliminate any downtime this would have caused. 

Peace of mind.



Upon return of your unit, Splatt’s offer a complete 12 month’s warranty on the unit for all newly fitted parts only.


Please use the form below or give us a call today on 03 9562-2844 to book your unit in for its well deserved service.


*Conditions apply.
  Units are subject to availability and freight charges

Sealer service
Induction sealer service form
Contact us.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this or anything else.


Steve Alipan can be contacted on

p: 03 9562 2844
f:  03 9562 2790



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