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TMCI Padovan are company who specialise in manufacturing in bottle pasteurisers, package warmers & cooling tunnels using all the latest technologies.


Together with Splatt’s we can offer a specified pasteurising solution for you.

TMCI flash pasteuriser
TMCI pasteuriser

What TMCI can offer

In order to increase the shelf life of liquid food it is necessary to inactivate, through pasteurization, the existing microorganisms.

TMCI offer a range of different pasteurisation and filtration options. 
Their pasteurisation icludes flash through to process equipment and they also can offer earth filtration as well.

TMCI Padovan
TMCI candelis filter

Earth Filtration - Candelis Filter

Designed and engineered in cooperation with one of the most experienced German Technologist in the field of beer filtration. The Candelis incorporates every state of the art feature and function required in a modern filter cellar:

  •  It is available from 20m2 filter surface.

  • Includes the dosing unit, the turbidity control, the pumps, controls and the internal piping with valves.

  • We can supply complete systems includes de-aeration, blending, carbonation PVPP stabilization and automation system

In Bottle Pasteurisation

The Tunnel Pasteurization plants are suitable to process beer, soft drinks, fruit juices, sparkling wine, jam, vegetable preserves. The sophisticated technological level allows high energy saving thanks to the thermical recovery obtained through the basins water exchange.


• For glass bottles and jars, metal cans, carton or plastic packs of various sizes and content.

• For different cycles (heating, holding, cooling and drying).

• Easy to assemble. Each module stands on adjustable height supports.

• Easy to transport. Modules can be freighted by truck or rail.

• The special modular construction enables to produce tunnels from 3 sqm until 300 sqm with advancement planes up to 6 meters wide and 30 meters long. The double deck tunnels attain a capacity of 120.000 bottles/hour referred to 0,33 l bottles and total pasteurization cycle of 50 minutes.

• The advanced speed of containers may be varied so varying the total process time.

• Heating, holding and cooling water temperatures are automatically regulated or preset value.

• By regulating process time and temperatures, the number of pasteurization units of processed products is controlled and regulated.

• An integral automation system controlled by a PLC enables to control operating conditions, thus avoiding overpasteurization phenomena, in the event containers are stopped in the tunnel.

in bottle pasteurisation
Flash Pasteurisation

TMCI Padovan Flash Pasteurization plants assure maximum security and minimum alterations of products according to HTST principle (high temperature short time) and they guarantee:

• high thermal exchange coefficient,
• low dirtying rate,
• easy and speedy cleaning and maintenance,
• enlargement or transformation possibility.

In stainless steel AISI 316 or titanium, available in various sizes and models, including the free-flow type.
In polished stainless steel AISI 304 or 316.

Flash pasteurisation

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