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Splatt Engineering have partnered with a leading Italian Company Gampack S.R.L for all your packaging needs.


We also deal with their sister company Twinpack for handle applicators.

Gampack packaging
Product Information

Shrinkwrapping Systems

The Gampack range comprises of 3 types:


  • GAP-TRAY-B: Wrap-around packer in tray only

  • GAP-WB: Wrap-around packer 

  • GAP-MWB: Wrap-around packer with integrated handle applicator


If requested, Gampack can also supply the conveyor in-feed and out-feed systems and also either an integrated or independent palletizer.

TWINPACK Handle Applicator

Handle application machines

Twinpack manufacture an automatic machine for the application of self-adhesive handles on a variety of clustered products.


Technical Characteristics

Single-track output rate: from 25 ppm to 100 ppm
Double-track output rate: from 35+35ppm to 100+100 ppm
Triple-track output rate: 100+100+100 ppm
Machine built in compliance with EC standards
Product entre-to-centre (for double and triple track machines only): Fixed, from 350 to 550 mm


Gampack sick pack
Gampack packaging

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