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In conjuction with Tedelta Capping Solutions from Spain, we can supply the correct capping solution you require.

plastic bottle caps
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From your small single head capping machine up to your large rotary machines we have you covered.


We have all types of Capping machines for glass, PET, PVC etc including containers with screw caps.

Pick n place capper

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These capping machines are studied and designed with the end user in mind to ensure trouble free capping. 


The capping machines are equipped with Magnetic sealing heads and transfer (pick and Place system).

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Capping machines for screw caps

Closing machines for processing of glass, PET, PVC, HPDE, etc, containers with screw caps. 



Our capping system is studied and designed complying with end-users necessities and technical requirements. 


Capping machines equipped with Magnetic heads and pick and place systems that allow a perfect closure at high speed.


A.- Automatic height adjustment of the turret.

B.- Electronic adjusting trough frequency converter.

C.- Outside protection of the machine with stainless steel frame and folding doors, with transparent metacrilate material. 


D.- Our machinery manufacture complies with the EU regulations over machinery security and EC labelled.

Capping machines for ROPP and plastic closures

Tedelta’s capping turrets have been designed for a perfect adjustment within your monoblocks. They are available to fit on Monoblocks's main column and main body. 

These capping turrets “Retrofit” on most capping shafts on existing filler/capper.


Our engineers are studying and designing in complying with producers necessities and technical requirements.

Capping turrets are all equipped with sealing heads.


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